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A surreal narrative focused roguelite text adventure. Play a man stuck in the same day who has to get to the top floor of an office building to find his loved one. Each floor is a perilous mystery to unravel. Each time you die the day resets.

The game has two ways of interaction - typing the commands manually and optionally tabbing through some of them.


  • Time travel mechanics in a text adventure
  • A tailor-made soundtrack by @cesque
  • A unique art style
  • A story

Ladderhead has come out on December 13, 2019 and features six floors and an epilogue. It costs $2.99.


Buy Now$2.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Ladderhead (Windows) 31 MB
Version 1
Ladderhead (macOS) 30 MB
Version 1
Ladderhead (Android) 39 MB
Version 1


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I got stuck at 3rd floor. Is there any walkthrough or any kind of hint?

There's no walkthrough I know of. I guess you are stuck trying to learn the language? If so, go one floor down to the room with the books to learn it. If it's another place you're stuck at, let me know!

I learned the language but stuck with coins and game I presume. No way to go upper floor.

You can memorize the coin game pattern and bet predictably on each restart of the day. The money can then be used to purchase canned corn (which is a solution to a puzzle on floor 3) at the vending machine.

Gosh I am stuck in the hotel room now. How may I know the executive's dream? :D

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1. Turn on the radio 2. Find the matches by investigating the corpse 3. Light the candles 4. Start the ritual 5. Once prompted, enter "blue nightingale" as your wish



Hello, great game, I just finished my first playthrough and now I'm wondering if there are more than one ending (or possibly even more than two)?

Thank you!

There's a second ending if you play the game twice. The bandaged man at the end will ask you if you want things to end differently.

Sounds interesting. Thanks for answering.