A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Chat with a neural net AI. Escape a cyber-hell.

The followers of your cult are summoning you. You must escape this netherworld and reign in your rightful domain in the land of the living. To do so you must converse with the strange entities that surround you.

This is a neural-net-AI, speech-to-text and text-to-speech powered experience. All of this works offline, without a back-end server or internet connectivity.

A work in progress, attached below is a demo.

  • Microphone & Keyboard controls
  • Neural Net AI
  • Procedural music & language generation

  • Load times decrease significantly after the first launch


This game is currently unavailable

Download demo

Strange Aeons - Demo (Windows) 842 MB
Version 19
Strange Aeons - Demo (Linux) 930 MB
Version 10

Development log


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Where does the Neural Net AI come into play? What does the guide learn?

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Hi, the guide comes already pretrained on movie scripts - it is used to generate text responses to whatever the player says.

As for when it comes into play - the game has puzzles where the user has to solve by speaking/typing. If user input is detected to be in the context of the puzzle, the guide gives a scripted speech and moves on to the next puzzle prompt. If user input is detected to be outside the puzzle (e.g., free form chatting) then the answer by the guide is generated by the AI and the user can continue chatting on any topic of their choice.

Oh cool, that makes sense. Do you have a dev blog? I'm curious how you trained it on movie scripts since it's a neural net and not something like GPT-3.
Either way, this is a really cool experience! Thanks for making this!


I don't have a devlog (yet! - I want to start one, or at least do a written post mortem on the game), but you can get all of the info on how to make an AI chatbot by searching "seq2seq Cornell dataset". There's also a lot of tutorials and MIT licensed examples on GitHub.


This game is awesome, the best is it's "strange feeling" giving you creeps, really seems like a cyber-hell to be honest, the type that messes with your feelings. Nice game, would recommend !!

Thank you!