A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Escape a cyber-hell while chatting with a neural net Artificial Intelligence. The sole method of interaction is your microphone.

There are entities summoning you from outside your dimensional prison - will you answer the call?

A work in progress, attached below is a demo.


  • Ensure you have a working microphone connected. 
  • Out of the box Linux support is a work in progress. The current, experimental build requires an OSS emulation layer to run. On Ubuntu this can be installed with the command "sudo apt install osspd". 
  • MacOS support is in the works.
  • Load time can be long on the first launch. They should decrease significantly from the second launch.

Download demo

Strange Aeons - Demo (Windows) 755 MB
Version 4
Strange Aeons - Demo (Linux, EXPERIMENTAL) 788 MB
Version 2


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This game is awesome, the best is it's "strange feeling" giving you creeps, really seems like a cyber-hell to be honest, the type that messes with your feelings. Nice game, would recommend !!

Thank you!