A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Chat with a neural net AI. Escape a cyber-hell.

The followers of your cult are summoning you. You must escape this netherworld and reign in your rightful domain in the land of the living. To do so you must converse with the strange entities that surround you.

This is a neural-net-AI, speech-to-text and text-to-speech powered experience. All of this works offline, without a back-end server or internet connectivity.

A work in progress, attached below is a demo.

  • Microphone & Keyboard controls
  • Neural Net AI
  • Procedural music & language generation
  • Optional VR (Windows + Oculus)

  • Load times decrease significantly after the first launch

Download demo

Strange Aeons - Demo (Windows) 842 MB
Version 14
Strange Aeons - Demo (Linux) 930 MB
Version 5

Development log


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This game is awesome, the best is it's "strange feeling" giving you creeps, really seems like a cyber-hell to be honest, the type that messes with your feelings. Nice game, would recommend !!

Thank you!